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By: gzeasycom | October 24, 2017

LCD screen works is the LED backlight issued a white light, by controlling the LCD panel polarized light to show the required color.

LED / CCFL is the LCD backlight type, and now the mainstream market are basically LED backlight, and CCFL have been rarely produced because environmental reasons.

IPS / VA / TN is the LCD screen mode.

TN mode is the mainstream screem mode, because the low price. features is fast response times. but it is not as good as IPS and VA mode in color performance.

IPS mode advantage viewing angle, fast response, bright screen.

VA mode has the advantage of black performance is more pure, high contrast, color reproduction accurate.

TN mode is ahead of the VA and IPS mode ...

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By: gzeasycom | September 29, 2017

Our Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,it is also called Reunion Festival,we would like to share this happiness with our friends.

“May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart,” says the romantic Chinese poem. As the round shape symbolises unity in Chinese culture, the full moon stirs these ancient sentiments, which is our celebration of the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

By: gzeasycom | September 16, 2017

More retail companies are increasing more digital signage, and more appreciate the benefits as it offers. Digital Signage as medium for delivering information, advertising, and more promotional information, with three existing options: LED light boxes, Mixed digital signage as LCD advertising play and LED light boxes and Interactive LCD digital signage.

LED light boxes

This options shows fixed content, and is considered the easiest to implement, can provide basic advertising information.

LED light boxes problem is, according to long-term reliable test results can be seen on the audience can only maintain a low impact.

Mixed digital signage as LCD advertising play and LED light boxes

The mixed options combines static and dynamic ad content. In a ...

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By: gzeasycom | September 29, 2016

If you’ve even driven the 401 highway that runs up from Detroit through Toronto and almost to Montreal, you’ll have been thankful there’s a set of travel centres that provide the essentials to motoring: gas, coffee and clean restrooms. About 500,000 people a day pull in to these centres across the province. 

There are 23 ONroute Service Centres on the 401 and the 400, which heads north to cottage country, and most of them now have shiny new three-sided interactive stations aimed to boost tourism and promote highway safety. 

The remaining three (existing self service kiosks) will be replaced as construction is completed in each centre. 

The kiosks contain new 65-inch digital screens which connect users directly with information and services su...

By: gzeasycom | September 27, 2016

As a doctor, we know that you want to offer the best for your patients, with the excellent medical treatment service, to prove your practical experience, and assist your patients to know the main points for a happy and healthy lifestyle well. As there are many people come to checkup and cure, there is limited time for regular appointment, the explanations one by one is also limited in the examination room, you can not assure your patients to get all the important information you want to convey. 

Go into our digital signage marketing solution is often regarded as a marketing mode, before your patients come or go into the examination room, our digital signage display offers a superexcellent opportunity, taking advantage of brilliant LCS displa...

By: gzeasycom | September 26, 2016

Digital signage project configuration is already be required when building new hotel or updating hotel,hotel operators need to be considered how to make a choice from number of digital signage products on the market.In the selection process, the hotel operators need to know digital signage will be able to play what role: as meeting of Information Display System (MIDS)? to promote the facilities of the hotel? information board? or wayfinding systems? 

Once the hotel operators have confirmed how to use the digital signage, consider 6 characteristics to help them identify which category of digital signage should be selected:


1 can be displayed? 

The basic requirements for digital signage is content been clearly displayed, therefore, hotel oper...

By: gzeasycom | September 20, 2016

Only in Germany, Seat setzt has 400 stores. Many of them will be equipped with a new interactive digital signage system, and the new pilot is the three flagship store. 

Digital signs are widely used in POS or POI. However, many of the characters just show the information to the customer, and do not provide customer feedback channels. Now that we're doing is changing the situation, the reason: the typical customers have been accustomed to the internet. And the purchase of a new car, customers need to interact with the reality of the network to determine and determine the collection of information.


Three flagship stores in Germany have been used in the digital signage system. They are placed in the waiting area, the service area, also the we...

By: gzeasycom | September 19, 2016

Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency to quickly locate their intended retail items or stores, make the purchase and move on. And for that,Implement interactive wayfinding kiosks to provide the simplest directions for every visitor or customer throughout the shopping mall.and it can do as: 


Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for customers to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future structure modifications. Create handicap preferred routes throughout any center requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible. 

Advertising & Promotional Integration 

Entice the thousands of people that walk by daily by creatively showcasing advertising campaigns through videos, anim...

By: gzeasycom | September 17, 2016

Uniwalk-integrating experiential shopping mall,situated at the National Strategic Development Zone-core position of Qianhai Shenzhen,it is grand opening in September 17th; 

Shown in the picture is interactive inquiry display which with 32 inch capacitive touch display and all in one PC by OPS,it display guidelines for shopping area and function;This model look perfect fit the appearance of the building and interior space design, and model design fit with the style of shopping malls;

0 1 2 3 4

By: gzeasycom | September 09, 2016

Customers shopping mall opened in September 9th, Shiningltd's Shopping mall interactive guide system and information publishing system synchronization go online!

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By: gzeasycom | September 08, 2016

Android tablet 10 inch

An electronic equipment that display the video and picture easily. Suited for any associations,like stores, home, business, etc…

Moreover, with touch screen function and operates with Android System,can be also used as a tablet pc like phone.

Sample and OEM orders are welcomed!


Product photos 

Black color collection: Fashion and cool07

white color collection: Popular and elegant08

Product features

02 fashion color03 wifiSH1015WFTtouch750.jpg

More features and Specification


Product details

Production Size

10 size



Product Applications



By: gzeasycom | September 08, 2016

Now you can watch all the adult content you want on the go. HP has designed a new integrated privacy screen in partnership with 3M to combat what the company calls "visual hacking." In other words: creepers looking over your shoulder. The Sure View screen will be available on touchscreen versions of the company's Elitebook 840 and 1040 laptops in September, and on nontouch ones in October. I got an early look at the new panels, which were mostly useful and effective. 

Sure View eliminates the need to stick an additional privacy filter onto your screen, which can be cumbersome and annoying. Plus, privacy filters cost between $30 and $80 a pop, and if you damage or lose one, that can be a pricey replacement. So it's easy to see why ...

By: gzeasycom | August 30, 2016

I recently acquired a cheap Astro Tab Android 5.1 tablet that I plan to use as a digital photo frame in my office. Now that I have the tablet, I'd like to:
  sh102wf front
  1. Find a good place to get a custom wood frame for the tablet (so it stands up on my desk and looks like the other framed photos in my office). Any good sources? The frame would need to be deeper than a regular picture frame, and it would need to have room for the USB cable to connect to power the tablet. Alternatively, does anyone have any good instructions for making a custom frame along these lines yourself?
  2. Find the best Android app or combination of Android apps to do the following: i. Automatically sync (download only, no upload) photos from: (a) one or more specified folders in G...

By: gzeasycom | August 29, 2016

Mat Meiers is so steeped in the digital signage business he has a slick interactive display up and running in his kitchen.

Mat Meiers, a company’s lead creative designer, designed a screen layout to display calendar events, grocery lists, to do lists and family photos in his Kansas City-area kitchen. 

The display has four pages; a homepage, grocery list, to-do list and calendar- the staples for every household- all of which can be easily managed and viewed. When it is not being used, in what Rise calls rest mode, it runs a photo slide show.


“I wanted this page to be visually appealing to guests but still contain necessary information accessible at a glance without interacting,” says Meiers on the company blog. “The background of the home...

By: gzeasycom | August 25, 2016

Massive LED billboards are by no means found only, these days, in world capitals and insane places like Las Vegas. This is a an 1,855 square metre LED wrapped around a building in the south China city of Shantou, up the coastline from Hong Kong (if that helps). 

out door1 
Touted as the largest outdoor LED in south China, it’s on the Shantou Jiaxin Building, which is a set of leisure, entertainment, shopping and commerce serviced apartments.

out door

The board looks high rez, but is actually a 16 pixel pitch curtain wall That means it is semi-transparent, so the building windows are not totally blocked, and the vertically-hung strips are capable of handling the typhoons that come in off the South China Sea.

By: gzeasycom | August 24, 2016

I remember a few years ago, the digital photo frame proved to be quite a novelty – after all, this means there is no need to actually print out a photo that you like and frame it up, only to change it from time to time – and after a while, it might even get rather tedious. Having said that, a digital photo frame makes it a snap to have a slew of images shown in a row, since it would read all of the images from a memory card. As to how many photos are shown there, it remains to be seen.

We offers a simple to use web app, allowing customers to access as well as create playlists of their photos straight from their devices as well as a slew of social media platforms that range from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr and Picasa. ...

By: gzeasycom | August 23, 2016

I like the multi-purpose thinking behind this huge 32-screen video wall at the University of West Scotland in Paisley, near Glasgow. 

The UK-based systems integrator Saville was charged with bringing video wall and interactive technology solutions to a new,  extended reception area in a campus building. The area is set up for everything from hanging out and relaxing to learning to events and exhibitions. 


Working closely with the University team, reports Saville in a case study, the concept of a 32-screen pivoting wall with rear collaboration features, plus zoned audio and presentation abilities, was born. Comprising NEC 46” UHD ultra-narrow bezel screens arranged in a 8 x 4 combination creates a dramatic visual canvas with a native resolut...

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Tags: video wall 

By: gzeasycom | August 22, 2016

This is an interesting take on using digital signage to deal with lengthy dwell times in a fast casual restaurant setting: an interactive display patrons can monkey with while their custom pizza bakes in the nearby oven. 

When Zablong Pizza opened in Charlotte, NC earlier this year, the operators wanted an interactive experience from the time people walked in. So they interact with the crew behind the counter in building their pizzas. Then they can turn around and do different things on a wall-mounted display. 

“We wanted people to be able to take selfies together, play games together, engage with the brand together,” says Steve Young. “We quickly realized we needed a centralized screen where people could do these things. It seemed like a na...

By: gzeasycom | August 18, 2016

Whether this is better termed a kiosk than digital signage could be debated endlessly, but what’s more interesting here is how a company has figured out a way to make projected capacitive touchscreen technology to work reliably in the crazily harsh environment of a car wash. 

Cleaning equipment manufacturer has developed with touch overlay maker a 12-inch touch display that is running happily in some 1,000 car wash bays across Europe. 

If you don’t know touch terminology, projected capacitive is what you are working with on an iPad. It’s not the cheap and simple boink-boink experience of an ATM screen. 

“Cleaning equipment manufacturer pioneered the introduction of touch screens into self-service car wash installations,” says Martin Seitz, Pr...

By: gzeasycom | August 16, 2016

The year was 2012, and digital picture frames were expected to take the living room by storm. The frames were usually LCDs surrounded by decorative wood and metal, and were advertised as innovative replacements for boring, static printed photos. But consumers didn’t bite. U.S. sales of digital photo frames dropped from $159.4 million in 2011 to $88.6 million in 2012, and by 2014, the number of digital photo frame models on the market decreased by a whopping 77 percent. 

Those numbers might scare any company thinking about entering the electronic frame market, but not Earlier this month, the art retail giant threw its hat into the ring with it, a wall-mounted digital art frame. 

Early digital frames suffered from a myriad of shortcomi...