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Digital Signage for Collaboration Hub

Collaboration Hub is the quickest and easiest way to work together with Digital Signage. In offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, universities or schools...take productivity & creativity to the next level together.


Android Display Solutions that allows colleagues and clients to work together with digital content simply and intuitively.



SH83 Series 42" Table Style LCD Interactive Whiteboard as multi-user & multi-touch table device use at Collaboration Hub.


Open Frame LCD Ad Player - SW01 Series display are seamless integration of furniture,It embodies the advantages of customization.



Users can bring up their content for presentation, discussion and mark-up. They can even share their content with each other all using a naturally intuitive user interface that supports interactive gestures like rotate, swipe and flick.
LCD Interactive Whiteboard Device Connect allows users to simultaneously connect their laptops or portable devices for display.
Real collaboration only a few steps away...


All-in-One Digital Signage Solutions Comprises of a large multi-user & multi-touch table device with a secondary display screen and connection hub.


Contents referenced from Q1 design