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AD(Android Display Solutions)

Android Display Solutions is network Digital Signage with ANDROID system, it based on the existing popular ANDROID system, with a mature network publishing system, it is now the mainstream Digital Signage Solutions;

Our Android Display Solutions choice RK3188 which architecture as quad core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU,clocked at 1.8G, equipped with Android
4.4,with 2GB DDR3 and 4GB INAND.

Motherboard integrated Ethernet /WiFi/3G /4G network integration, Support remote timer switch, 24 hour unmanned automatic operation.

Support all style LVDS Display, support up to 1080P resolution, can directly drive a 7 inch to 60 inch LCD screen.
At the same time to support 40 variety of infrared / optical / acoustic / resistance / capacitance touch screen as market mainstream;
With 4 USB interface and 2 UART expansion port, can support the expansion of the commonly used equipment (such as NFC/RFID card reader, fingerprint module), almost
 can match the different needs of customers;

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