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Digital Signage Kiosk with Elegant Design

Digital signage kiosk is a favorite of retailers all over the country, and it has a new look for the new season. As one of the digital signage kiosk producers and innovators of self-service kiosks, Shiningltd is always retooling its product line to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers, and the new Kiosk has something for everyone.

When Shiningltd debuted in 2004, it had a 15" touch screen, plenty of poster space and stood at a shopping 7 feet tall. Today, the rules of marketing have changed. Interactive kiosks' digital signage solutions offers flexibility, immediacy and grabs attention in a way old-fashioned signs just can't. That's why the new digital signage kiosk has swapped its posters out for 42" touch screen monitor. And while bigger is often better.

The 42" touch screen monitor is just an awesome amount of real estate," project manager Sam Zheng. "The interactive portion doesn't need to take up all that space. There's still plenty of room to showcase all your company has to offer."

Retailers use digital signage kiosk to promote sales, discounts and new products. Customers can sign themselves up for loyalty cards, reward programs and email notifications so cashiers no longer have to double as data entry clerks. For the hospitality industry, the digital signage kiosk can introduce a facility to new guests, touting amenities and services. Universities love this model because it draws students, staff, alumni and visitors from across campus to view and interact with a variety of content. But no matter which sector of the economy you belong to, if you have foot traffic and the need to disseminate important information, the digital signage kiosk is good for you.

SH80 Series Digital Signage Kiosk
SH80 Series -- 32"/42"/46"/55" Digital Signage Kiosk

Model No.: SH80  

Size: 32",42",46",55"

Solution: AD A20, AIO D525, HD

Main Features:

1. Aluminum slim edging  
2. Branding LCD screen: SAMSUNG,LG,AUO,INNOLUX for optional  
3. Wholly network access, can match various requirements without     time and address limitation  
4. Adopt industrial standard mainstream X86 configuration host,             easily deal with all types of application requirements    
5. External input port: VGA, HDMI, USB,AV, etc.  
6. Support full format video, images, text playing  
7. Support playlist setting; Support split-screen playing  

8. Perfect background music settings

9. Perfect match mainstream applications

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