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LCD advertising display is intended for digital signage use in professional settings such as restaurants, conventions, corporate lobbies, retail stores, and more!

Different than residential models, these commercial-grade Lcd advertisement display come with additional features designed for extended continuous usage in a business environment.
Customers will be much more likely to pay attention to dynamic signage with sound and movement than paper poster. This digital Lcd advertisement display will not only help to increase sales revenue; over time it will actually save money on advertising cost. There is no longer the need to pay for new signage or special posters for an upcoming sales event. Simply load the new media onto the Lcd advertisement display, no extra cost, and little time is spent updating.

Full HD digital advertising display with Iphone design was launched on the market.
* Ultra-thin Screen with High resolution of 1920*1080P
*A9 single core, 256M DDR3 1600M, Built-in 8G
*Tempered glass covered in front of LED panel for protection
*Support seamless switching, Support 90,180 & 270 degree rotation of menu, video and pictures....
*Size Available: 21.5”-65”

Push button advertising player Auto play picture,music,video which put in memory card/USB.One button means one file display or one scene,Button function can to be customized.

Indoor multimedia Open Frame LCD Ad Player with a nice design. Slim border of the front cover makes it much more beautiful, you can also design your own front cover instead of ours according to your exact projects.

Bus tv monitor,Bus led display screen ----As part of the bus industry, we understand the different specifications each bus has for on-board entertainment. That is why we offer the industry LCD Bus Monitors designed to withstand road conditions and fit the unique needs of individual buses. 

Touch Screen Advertising Player,Touch Screen Monitor can be used for most of our current designs, Our ready design model SH-SW02BF can comply with the touch screens(touch screen monitor) from 12 inches to 47 inches now. They are resistive touch panels for small sizes less than 22inch, and infrared touch panels for bigger sizes. 99 touch points in 99 layers can be touch freely.

Motion Sensor Advertising Player is Metal case advertising player with motion sensor. There are two optional functions for this tiny motion sensor, one function is detecting and playing the appointed file when someone is coming into the detecting area; another one is detecting and powering on/off when someone is coming into or going away from the detecting area.

Elevator advertising screen,elevator lcd display design with slanting shape is special designed for lift advertising. The case of product itself is angled, which get the better visual in the elevator; With anti-theft lock for the LCD screen and the memory cards; Wall brackets can help you to fix the LCD screen on the lift easily.

Mirror advertising player is to customize the mirror or touch mirror and LCD advertising player together, when the LCD advertising player open or activated by a specific way, advertising content will be presented in very unique way in front of the audience; 

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