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SD(Standard Definition Display)

Standard Definition Display with low price, stable and more flexible digital signage solutions, the highest maturity decision highest performance to development, it can be very good to match the Customized requirements;

All our models are suitable for Standard Definition Display; it plays the advertising contents automatically in a loop, support CF/SD card and USB auto-copy functions. Scrolling message, timer, slideshow, play list, log function and other functions are easily operated in standalone ad players.

As ESS chip has a super large extensions, our engineer developing different extended functions based on our standalone LCD ad players. Ad player with RS232 port to connect with bar code scanner to use in shopping malls, connect with alcohol tester to make the announcement, connect with PC to act as a monitor; with motion sensor to control the sound or on/off screen, with buttons to play the appointed advertising contents. And more functions can be developing based on clients’ requirements.

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